Baked Bomb Seeds

  • Type: Indica/Sativa (80/20)
  • Plant Height: Medium (90-130cm)
  • THC: High (19-22%)
  • Yield: Very High (500-600g/m²)
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Indoor Flowering: 8-10 Weeks
  • Harvest Outdoor: Early Oct
  • Stoned/High: Indica Body Buzz

Strain Details

A marriage made in heaven takes two perfectly matched partners and of course a big Wedding Cake. With Baked Bomb you’ve got the lot! The Wedding Cake strain was crossed with our very own Cherry Bomb then backcrossed with Wedding Cake for a double helping of baked goodness. Wedding Cake is a well-known and loved member of the Girl Scout Cookie family, crossed with Cherry Pie and we have bumped up its fruity credentials by injecting extra cherries. As an Indica-dominant hybrid the overall shape of Wedding Cake when grown is that classic Christmas tree with broad rich green leaves. The main stem will support a very large dense cola, but the ample spread of side branches will also hold up dense cone-shaped buds. What makes this strain so special is the “frosting” of glittering THC crystals that cover every centimetre of buds and often run down onto upper shade leaves as well. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor growth, it stays relatively low, finishing between 90cm-130cm. Because the shape can be quite dense you are well advised to apply some training to allow greater light penetration and more importantly air circulation. Overall THC levels of Baked Bomb are high, around 19-22%. Surprisingly though, even being Indica-dominant, the effects are a definite “high” rather than stone. Immediately on taking a hit a pleasing headrush will take effect and soon after your mind will turn to deep and meaningful thoughts. Be aware though that with more significant use the body effects of a more traditional couch lock, will kick in faster and more strongly. This strain is a bit of a creeper. The taste is a delightfully sweet and fruity experience. The rich candy and vanilla flavours will immediately come through on inhale whilst the ripe cherry and more tropical fruit flavours linger on the tongue. All while you begin to contemplate the wonders of the universe…