Cosmic Bomb Autoflower Seeds

  • Type: Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis
  • Plant Height: Medium (90-140cm)
  • THC: High (16-20%)
  • Yield: Very High (500-600g/m²)
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Indoor Flowering: 65+ days from seed to harvest
  • Harvest Outdoor: May-Oct
  • Stoned/High: Uplifting & Psychedelic

Strain Details

Stretch yourself out to the stars with our stellar autoflowering variety, Cosmic Bomb Auto. When we were working on a new addition to our range of autoflowering genetics, we really wanted something that would offer that little bit extra to casual users and connoisseurs alike. Many autos are considered less interesting and certainly less potent than their photoperiod cousins, so we knew it was time for a change. From that desire, Cosmic Bomb was born.

Strength was a must, but not just that! To give it the edge we looked for strains that had higher levels of some of the underrated cannabinoids. By working with a specially selected cut of LSD which had been tested with elevated levels of THCV and crossing it with our own Auto Bomb (with its lineage of African landrace Sativa), we have created a truly spectacular variety.

The THC levels vary in the 16-20% range for most setups although individual harvests have been tested in excess of that.

The plant is quite strong smelling, especially in the later stages of flowering, a sweet almost fruity aroma blends with a more earthy note that you would expect. When used in a vaporizer or bong that sweet fruitiness comes through in spades, with a more skunky sharpness on the exhale. The high is a real uplifting and active experience. The increased psychoactivity will lead to an energetic and almost psychedelic event, so make sure you are ready for the ride if you hit this strain hard.

Indoor growing, she will respond very well to a heavy nutrient load. With a good amount of light, Cosmic Bomb Auto will explode with growth, up and out, so make sure that you are able to deal with the stretch that comes in flowering. If it is left unrestricted, specimens can grow up to 140cm indoors and possibly even taller when put directly into the ground outdoors. With only a little attention to training this lovely lady can be kept to a shorter more dense shape, but because the buds get really fat make sure that there is plenty of good airflow.