Zkittlez Gum Bomb Seeds

Zkittlez Gum Bomb is a Sativa-dominant hybrid cross of (Zkittlez x Grapefruit) x Bubble Bomb. It’s known for its energizing, uplifting high, paired with a unique citrus and bubblegum flavor.

  • Type: Indica/Sativa (Mostly Sativa)
  • Plant Height: Medium/Tall (100-180cm)
  • THC: Very High (22-25%)
  • Yield: Very High (500-600gr/m²)
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Indoor Flowering: 10-12 Weeks
  • Harvest Outdoor: Oct
  • Stoned/High: Euphoric, Sociable, Uplifting & Creative

Strain Details

What are the effects of Zkittlez Gum Bomb?

Zkittlez Gum Bomb offers a fast-hitting Sativa-dominant high. With THC levels ranging from 22-25%, this strain is super potent and upon the first inhale you will notice the effects within seconds. It instantly elevates your mood and gives you a bit of a buzz that makes you feel sociable and active, which is why it is often used to spark creativity.

Medical Uses

With its high THC content and Sativa effects, it's a great strain for pain relief without feeling too groggy or lethargic as you might do with Indicas. The almost instant buzz that it induces lifts your mood and makes you feel proactive which could help people suffering from depression.

What is Zkittlez Gum Bomb like to smoke?

As you inhale, you will notice a blend of citrus and sweets along with the sharpness of grapefruit. It's an odd taste, that leaves your taste buds confused, like that of sweet and sour, but it leaves you all the more eager to smoke some more. The aroma complements the taste well, and as you exhale it will envelop you in a cloud of bubblegum.

How do you grow Zkittlez Gum Bomb seeds?

Zkittles Gum Bomb is a Sativa-dominant strain with heaps of bag appeal. With a height that can reach above 180cm if you are growing indoors, you will need some experience with training Sativas. Keep your plants on an 18/6 light schedule during veg, flipping to 12/12 to trigger the flowering stage. For those of you that are growing outdoors this strain thrives in warm, Mediterranean climates but likes plenty of light, so choose a good spot in your garden that receives at least 10-12 hours of direct sunlight.

Growing tips for Zkittlez Gum Bomb

Being Sativa-dominant, Zkittlez Gum Bomb grows tall during the veg stage with its long branches reaching up towards your grow lights. Get some training in early with this strain to keep the height under control and to manipulate the structure into a shape that absorbs light better. Using LST or topping worked wonders for our breeding team. The flowering time ranges from 10 to 12 weeks, but be patient and providing you have had a good veg stage you should get healthy yields of 500-600gr/m² of fruity, bubblegum flavored bud.

Bag Appeal

In the flowering stage, Zkittlez Gum Bomb transforms as its buds develop a rich, deep green hue with hints of purple, and by fiery orange pistils. They are dense and resinous, covered in a frosty layer of trichomes that will be full of THC.

Why buy Zkittlez Gum Bomb seeds?

Zkittlez Gum Bomb is a great choice for anyone that wants a strain with an uplifting high and a killer taste. With THC levels hovering around the 22-25%, go easy on this strain as the effects build over time and can be overwhelming for some.